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Mindful Leadership Annual training

Mindful Leadership Experience (annual training)

with Christiane Leiste and Andreas Bertram


In the Mindful Leadership Experience we combine Classical mindfulness with new leadership approaches Levis Deep Democracy, Theory-U and Gross National Happiness. Scientifically based knowledge and strategies are imparted and supported by experience-based learning.

We will focus on ourselves, train and develop our metaskills, such as neutrality and compassion, in order to then become effective in leadership with the new attitude. In this way, we can change our entrepreneurial activities and our education systems together.




Module 1 “Sensing” (3 days)
Meet social challenges of our time and their consequences for organizations


You learn among other things

  • Recognize challenges in creating meaningful relationships

  • Using mindfulness practice as a source of strength

  • Cultivating neutrality and listening as an attitude

  • to make good and sustainable decisions in the group.


Monthly group supervision and networking between the modules-G


Module 2 “Presencing” (3 days)
Internal transformation as a source of change in the organization


You learn, among other things

  • to discover the “call” in your biography

  • to embark on a practice path to consciously deal with feelings

  • Deepen your mindfulness practice

  • to recognize nature as a source of strength.


Monthly group supervision and networking between the modules-G

Module 3 “Crystalizing” (3 days)
The organization as a social place


You learn, among other things

  • to become aware of the importance of rank and privilege, especially in the context of power and hierarchy

  • Recognize and use the potential of diversity for the vitality of an organization

  • Resolve tensions and conflicts in teams


Monthly group supervision and networking between the modules

Module 4 “Prototyping” (3 days)
Application of the Mindful Leadership Tools in your own everyday work

Develop and apply your change-project

Monthly group supervision and networking between the modules

Module 5 “Implementing” (3 days)

Share your experiences with the group, share about your projects, learn from each other, group supervisions
Grand Final


Key data at a glance

Duration: five modules, each with three days of attendance, spread over a year
Target group: leaders from business, culture, education, civil society and politics, as well as consultants,
Change agents and facilitators

Number of participants: 10-14 people
Location: Modules 1, 3, 4 take place in Hamburg, Module 2: location to be announced
Methods:Theory, practical exercises, experience-based learning, supervision, group coaching,
Peer group meetings, your own literature study during the training, as well as your own practical project

Course fee: €4,950 plus 19% VAT

Next course:

30th. of October.- 2nd. of November 2024 | Modul 1

15.-18th of January 2025 | Modul 2 of April    2025 | Modul 3 of April    2025 | Modul 4

The modules begin on Wednesdays with dinner and end on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.

Accommodation and conference flat rates are not included in the course fee. The conference location will be announced later.

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